Friday, July 19, 2013

June 25, 2013   
5:30 pm  
Bloomfield, IN  
Crime Prevented:
  Domestic Assault, Murder 
Description of Bad Guy(s):
  James Lee Austin, a violent boyfriend who had a history of domestic violence, got into an argument with his girlfriend when she got home from work and began to beat her, causing bruising and swelling around her eye and lacerations on her jaw
Description of Good Guy(s):
 Teena Foster, who while fearing for her life, seized a handgun and fired a warning shot into the ceiling, but when he continued to charge at her, she shot him once in the stomach 
Type of Gun Used:
  Austin died, despite Foster's immediate call to 911 and her attempts to revive him. No one else was injured by the gunfire. After nearly three weeks of investigations, the district attorney has ruled that no charges will be levied against Foster for the shooting, stating that it was clearly a self-defense situation


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