Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 10, 2013   
San Diego, CA  
Crime Prevented:
 Robbery, Burglary, Assault  
Description of Bad Guy(s):
 Unnamed 28 year old knife-wielding man who robbed a street vendor. When the street vendors chased after him, he pulled a knife on them. He ran into an apartment complex and stole a bicycle
Description of Good Guy(s):
 An unidentified armed citizen, who witnessed all of this and stopped to help. When he confronted the the knife-wielding thief, the good samaritan shot the thief once in the chest 
Type of Gun Used:
 Hand Gun 
 The thief was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries; the property was recovered. No one else was injured by the gunfire. The man who stopped the crime did not stay around 

Here's a great example of the media's bias. Watch the embedded video or click on the source link to see how this story was written. Loaded words were used to deflate the actions of the armed citizen and attempt to criminalize him. Using phrases that claimed he was "brandishing a handgun," in an attempt to paint the good samaritan as a reckless cowboy. The author of the source article should check the definition of "brandish" if he or she truly didn't mean to inject media bias. But I have a hard time believing this bias wasn't purposeful when the title of the article starts with "Gunman on the loose..." No, liberal hack wannabe-journalist, there is a responsibly armed citizen out there who has lost faith in the justice in this country and is afraid that exercising his inalienable right to self-defense will lead to his unjust incarceration or hassling at the hands of self-righteous pricks who have never been in a life or death situation but want to Monday-Morning-Quarterback his decisions and actions.


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