Thursday, April 25, 2013

   April 19, 2013
11:15 pm 
Cheltenham, PA 
Crime Prevented:
   Robbery, Home Invasion, Assault, Murder
Description of Bad Guy(s):
  Jasper Brisbon, 32, who appeared to be intoxicated or high, stalked a 20 year old man and his girlfriend, after encountering them outside their apartment before forcing his way inside and then charging the man
Description of Good Guy(s):
  20 year old, unnamed student with a legally purchased AR-15, who fired a single shot at Brisbon when he charged, striking him in the chest
Type of Gun Used:
  Brisbon died. No one else was injured by the gunfire. The district attorney has announced that the student clearly acted in self-defense and would not be prosecuted.

While the district attorney admitted that when one is legally justified in using deadly force, the number of shots fired do not matter and you are authorized to use deadly force until the threat is neutralized. In this case however, she pointed to the fact that the shooter only fired one shot as an indication of his state of mind and his training with the weapon, which he had taken to the range and became proficient with after purchasing.

It's funny how an AR-15 in the hands of a Department of Homeland Security agent is a "personal defense weapon," but in the hands of a responsible citizen who legally purchased it, it's considered an "assault rifle."


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