Saturday, March 9, 2013


March 6, 2013   
4:30 am  
Houston, TX  
Crime Prevented:
 Robbery, Rape, Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, and Murder  
Description of Bad Guy(s):
 Charles Allen Jacobson, 33, Had been released on bond from previous drug and firearm charges
 James Ellis Barnett, 56 
Description of Good Guy(s):
 One unidentified pre-teen son
 One unidentified teenage daughter
 One unidentified mother 
Type of Gun Used:
 Jacobson and Barnett broke into the good guys' home and tied up the pre-teen son and teenage daughter; while Barnett began robbing the family, Jacobson sexually assaulted the mother and her daughter. There was the potential for kidnapping and murder as well, before the young boy escaped from his bonds and grabbed a handgun, which caused the two men to quickly run away. Police arrested the two men near the home.

This is the part that some gun-grabbers will never understand (or simply refuse to; cognitive dissonance can be a real buzz kill sometimes): while the number of justifiable homicides is admittedly about 10-15% of the number of annual homicides, an exceedingly large number of crimes are still prevented, to include murder, without someone dying. Here is an excellent example of the presence of a gun in the hands of a boy less than 13 years old who was able to stop a continued sexual assault and rape against his teenage sister and mother, their possible murder, and his and his sister's potential kidnapping. Look at all the crimes that were stopped because there was a gun in the home and it was accessible. This will never go into the FBI Crime Statistics and will never counterbalance the relatively small number of incidents where an irresponsibly stored gun has lead to the death or injury of someone in the home.


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