Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Around 4:45 pm on February 17, 2013 in Garland County, AR, a homeowner and a friend were driving to a house being built by the homeowner to pick up his RV, which had been broken into just the day before and had electronics stolen from it. When they arrived, they ironically find two burglars stealing building supplies from his home. While the homeowner dialed 911, the friend approached the two burglars to notify them that police had been called and to stay put.

After one of the burglars, 35 year old Michael Freeman, punched the friend in the face and started reaching in his pocket, the friend pulled out a gun and fired, hitting Freeman once in the torso. At that point, it was very easy to keep Freeman and the other burglar, 44 year old Anna Childers, under control until police arrived.

No one else was injured by the gunfire. Childers has been charged with breaking and entering and theft of property. It is likely that Freeman will be charged as well and could face additional charges of assault for striking the friend.



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