Saturday, January 26, 2013

On July 11, 2009 around 1 pm in Richmond, VA, a masked robber entered a small grocery store with eight customers, armed with a handgun, ordered everyone to the ground, and then shot the owner, Mustapha Kassou twice while he stood behind the counter. Kassou thought that he was dead and he waited for the robber to come behind the counter and finish him off. Instead, a responsible citizen with a legally permitted concealed revolver pulled out his gun and ordered the robber to drop his gun. When he didn't, the citizen shot the robber once in the torso and then took his gun away from him. While other customers encouraged the citizen to shoot him again, the citizen refused, holding him for police.

The robber, identified as 30 year old James Grooms III, was charged with attempted robbery, use of a firearm, and possession of a firearm by a felon. Yes, he was a felon and already prohibited by law from carrying a weapon, but he had one anyway. Those gun laws sure are effective!

Kassou claimed to owe his life and the lives of the customers there who weren't injured to the responsible citizen who put himself in danger in order to stop a crime and help a fellow human being. "He saved a lot of lives," he said. "He was like an angel who came to save everybody."

No one else was injured in the altercation and the armed citizen was not charged with any crime.

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